Friday, January 3, 2014

Just Take The Penalty - A Golf Story

Hello Golfers, Sports Enthusiasts, Hunters, Fisherman..

I've been a Sports Nut my entire life.  Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Football.. You name it... even Soccer! I've tried just about everything.. And that's where our line of humorous designs come from.. Real Life Sports Experiences! As a golfer, I've tried to save a penalty stroke in just about every way imaginable! As a hunter, I've had more pheasants laugh at me as they flew away than most hunters have seen.  While fishing, I've gone home empty handed while freezing my tail off more times than I can count. In basketball I was dunked on once in a tournament while trying to take a charge.. he jumped over me, I think he didn't notice I was there.. but the fans did! But I have that Never Surrender Spirit! And I suppose I get that from my father!  Evidence of that is this past summer! At age 76, while playing a round of golf at Painted Woods Golf Course in Washburn N.D. my father hit his ball in the river that ran through the course. And true to the spirit in the picture below, he leaned over the bank a little too far looking for his ball, fell down a 10 foot bank, lost his glasses and was almost carried away by the current!  As my mom recalled the story, she said, "I could see him looking over the edge for his ball, I looked away for just a second and when I turned back he was gone!" I immediately started to laugh, as she snapped back at me that he could have been killed! I apologized for my insensativity but was left with the knowing that the spirit that dwells within all  we sports enthusiasts, that little something that makes us who we are, is alive and well!

 Just Take The Penalty Golf

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