Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As a woman, one of the most difficult things I’ve come across in my life is thinking of good Christmas gifts for men. Some people are perhaps natural with the art of gift giving; but unfortunately, I wasn’t bestowed with this miraculous gift.

Suffice to say; when it’s time for someone’s birthday or even time to buy Christmas gifts, I struggle quite spectacularly.

Maybe it’s a genetic thing; My mom DID gave me a men’s shaving bag for my 18th birthday. Though I’m hoping it was an accident; but I guess I’ll never really know.
Maybe she was trying to hint at something?

Christmas Gifts for Men 2015 Calendar

One Epic Birthday or Christmas Gift Sorted
Only $14 from Never Surrender / Just Take The Penalty

But in true Never Surrender spirit, I don’t let this stop me in my hunt for epic presents, and I’m always up for a good bargain.  With that said, if the man you’re shopping for has an interest in golf and you're at a loss for Christmas gift ideas, why not buy a gift that will last all year, while providing funny stories, golf jokes, golf quotes and funny golf pictures about the true spirit of Never Surrender and Just Take The Penalty?

Let’s say, a 2015 calendar as in the Golf Calendar from Just Take The Penalty and Never Surrender?
It doesn’t have to be just a gift for the guys. It can also be for the women out there that really enjoy a good round of golf and the spirit of the game.  

Please stop by Never Surrender & Just Take The Penalty and find many other great gift ideas such as our Lady Comfort Zip Hoodies or our stylish Lady Comfort Sweat Pants!

As Always, Thank You for Visiting Never Surrender

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