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When approaching a green, a Two Putt is always a good goal. As you can see in the month of December Just Take The Penalty from the Golf Calendar 2015 from , a two putt can sometimes seem impossible!  Click the picture below and enjoy all the hilarious golf pictures from the 2015 Calendar.. The perfect Christmas gift for dads!  Then read below and learn about how to increase your chances of getting a two putt!
The Illusive Two Putt
Dave Pelz recommended that 17 inches past the hole was the best distance to develop and maintain good touch in putting.  When practicing putting, a golfer should focus speed of the putt to the point where the goal should be to have the ball stop within 17 inches past the hole, irregardless of how far the putt is.   Start by putting a dime or a tee approximately 17 inches past the hole.  Then putt until you can consistently stop 3 balls within that distance past the hole.  Then do the same from 6 feet, 9 feet and so on.  This is the best drill you can do to develop consistency of speed which in turn will help you tremendously in learning how to read greens better.
The "Lumpy Doughnut" is a big reason why people miss putts.  The "Lumpy Doughnut" is the bumpy area right around the cup.   It was really a problem back when golfers were wearing metal spikes.  By the early afternoon, you would definitely notice a difference around the cups with all the ball marks and spike marks and people just stepping too close to the cup.  Even though golfers today have embrace plastic spikes, it can still be somewhat of a problem towards the end of the day when a lot of golfers have hit their ball close to the cup and / or have stepped too close to the cup when retrieving their ball.
Below is a picture I borrowed from http://www.better-golf-by-putting-better.com/17-inch-rule.html . This picture illustrates how you should putt wit the aim of having your ball stop 17 inches past the hole to avoid the "Lumpy Doughnut" effect.

In any case practicing this approach will help you develop a consistency of speed which will then translate in to reading the greens better!  But most importantly, when your ball reaches the cup it should be at a speed that will keep it from being affected from the "Lumpy Dougnut" effect.
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